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Creative Child Magazine
Product Of The Year!

The SeatPet was created to provide children with instant comfort while traveling.

The SeatPet has a skinny body that can easily be attached to the seatbelt with the velcro straps. This makes the seatbelt gentler. The second piece is the SeatPet's oversized head. This provides a pillow that is always ready to catch a tired head.Sales Page Graphics


With so many SeatPet reviews online, we had come across too many offering SeatPets from UNAUTHORIZED websites. If SeatPets is purchased from any site other then the Official web site locations, you are not guaranteed it is authentic!


SeatPets goes a step beyond any competing products by not only offering comfort and fun, but it satisfies the parent's needs for conveniance while traveling.



Read what our happy customers have to say!

The SeatPet has won multiple awards. Creatve Child Magazine named the SeatPet the "Product of the Year" and the National Parenting Center gave it their seal of approval. It was also a Dr. Toy Winner for the "100 Best Children's Products."
Heather Smith
This is such a great idea for the kids. Nice work SeatPets. I love these little guys they are so adorable. Xmas is just around the corner, and I am going to have to send them out as xmas gifts. We are leaving for a road trip next month I will be giving it the test then. 
Kerry Doe

Attaching a SeatPet to a child's seat belt makes them excited to buckle-up and will stop children from fidgeting with the straps.

YES! Please send me SeatPets!

The SeatPets makes children want to put on their seat belt-an imporant habit for everyone to learn!

Big Freakin' House

This is why you can't live without SeatPets!

Big Freakin' House

A comfortable, easy pillow for the car

Makes children want to buckle-up

A fun companion to bring in the car

For children ages 4+

Eliminates seat belt irritation

Created by a mom!


Used For More Than Just The Car!

The SeatPet can easily be attached and detached from the seat belt so it can be brought on any adventure. They are very popular to bring on the airplane or even be used for a pillow or stuffed-animal to have in bed at home. Because SeatPets can be part of all the fun anywhere, it is important that they are safe to put through the washing machine.

The SeatPets have multiple pouches and some pockets even have zippers. This means that games, snacks, and toys are easily accessible to your child. Rather than trying to reach behind to hand things to your child while you drive, everything will be within reach while they ride with their favorite companion.


Soft fabric eliminates the annoyance of a seat belt.

Children will no longer feel the urge to fiddle with the strap.

Children won't stick the seat belt under their arm or behind their backs.


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Don't just trust what we have to say about our amazing product. Here's what some other great customers had to say about SeatPets combined comfort and fun when traveling!

This is a very creative solution to a common problem. We haven’t taken our kids on any long road trips but we are hoping to head to CA for Thanksgiving in the next couple of years and this would be very handy for the long, 20 hour drive.

Meghan Duffy

I didn’t realize they had pockets. I just thought it was a great idea for keeping seat belts in place and helping to make them more comfortable and enjoyable for kids. How great to have pockets, too!

Sean Waggner


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Why Everyone Should Purchase a

Can easily be attached and detached so to be brought on any adventure

Multiple pouches and pockets to store games, snacks, and toys.

Seven cute and unique pets


And so much more!!

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